5 Reasons Japantown is One of the Best Places to Live in SF

    5 Reasons Japantown is One of the Best Places to Live in SF

    sakeores / 23/07/2021

    It’s safe to say that San Francisco is one of the most famous cities in the United States. Besides being a tech giant, it also houses numerous unforgettable attractions you won’t find anywhere else in the country. Although it is somewhat notorious for being expensive and congested, there are plenty of reasons why it’s worth a shot, and Japantown is one of those. Not sure about that? Well, here are five solid reasons why you should consider moving to Japantown, San Francisco.

    1. It is a Foodie’s Paradise

    Who doesn’t love Japanese cuisine? And even if you don’t, prepare to be bombarded by a barrage of flavors in Japantown’s mouthwatering food haven. It has everything you need to fill your stomach with a good meal.

    You won’t fail to find a restaurant or bistro in every corner, serving all kinds of Asian dishes from juicy sushis to steaming ramen to spicy hot tempuras. Make sure to visit Kappa’s ambient setup and grab several bites of their crowd-favorite sashimi. Munch on the famous karaage from Kui Shin Bo, eat your fill of Yakini’s authentic Korean barbeque, or enjoy Waraku’s tasty tonkatsu paired with a cold glass of iced tea.

    On top of fancy restaurants, you’ll also discover modest eateries that offer delicious meals at pretty reasonable prices. Do you prefer to cook your own food? Nijiya Market has everything you need – fresh fruits, fish, plump veggies, and even ready-made bento boxes – name it, and you can have it!

    Get ready for food adventures!!

    2. There are Lots of Attractions to See

    Japantown is blessed with a treasure trove of charming places to explore. Start your adventure at the Japan Center, where you’ll find various Japanese merchandise like kawaii plushies and anime hoodies at affordable prices.

    If you like to keep things classic, venture into one of the nearby museums or Buddhist temples. The neighborhood also takes pride in the Peace Pagoda‘s mesmerizing symmetric structure. Preserve memories in a fun way using Pika-pika’s lively photo booth.

    All in all, you’ll most likely find it hard to get bored in Japantown with all the available amenities and entertainment options. Better start filling up your bucket list now!

    You will never get bored of what you see.

    3. Home Prices Are A Little Bit Cheaper than SF’s Average

    Before raising your hopes up, bear in mind that nothing in San Francisco is ever cheap, whether it’s food, the internet, hobbies, or housing. It’s on par with New York in glamour and wealth, after all. However, the home prices around Japantown are at least more affordable than most neighborhoods in the city. To compare, San Francisco’s average home price is about $1.5M, as stated by Zillow. Meanwhile, Japantown’s median home cost is only $1.22M. Still expensive, right? But here’s another advantage: when buying a home in Japantown, you can trust that it’s of top-tier quality that gives you numerous memorable views of the SF skyline.

    4. Close Proximity to Downtown

    If there’s one thing that you’ll hate the most while living in SF, it would be the horrible traffic. You can get stuck for hours in a turtle-paced gridlock. This can be pretty frustrating, especially if your work involves driving to the central metro area of the city.

    Thankfully, you don’t have to stress as much in Japantown. See, Downtown’s center is only a five-minute drive (at minimum) from the edge of the neighborhood. One might even mistake it as a part of Downtown itself. So yeah, people aren’t only flocking this area because of the food or the attractions but also for the convenience of cutting down commute time.

    5. It’s a Shopper’s Haven

    Dining is only half of the adventure in Japantown. The other half that completes your experience would be the abundance of shopping districts around the area. Explore the busy corners to find 1-dollar stores, boutiques, hardware shops, origami cafes, and goods from the Far East.

    Moreover, moving to Japantown is probably one of the best gifts you can give to your children. This compact neighborhood brims with reading materials that kids love. Based on its name alone, Japantown loads of bookstores filled with manga, anime posters, and other Japanese literature materials.

    Moving to Japantown can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    Making Your Relocation to Japantown Easier

    If you’re moving to San Francisco from out of state, you must look for a reliable long-distance mover. You want to make sure that whoever you hire can handle all aspects of your move with care and speed. To do this, be diligent in doing your research. But still, don’t forget to enjoy this phase in your life. Japantown is waiting for you!

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